DIY Compact Mirror Burger – How To Make Pocket Mirror Hamburger

DIY Compact Mirror Burger

My absolutely cute invention – DIY Compact Mirror Burger. This is a pocket mirror in a shape of hamburger. This video is a step-by-step tutorial of how to make this awesomeness! It is really easy and you will not need any special materials.   So, for DIY Mirror Burger you will need: 2 bath sponges […]

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How To Make Oreo Notebook – DIY Chocolate Sandwich Cookies Notebook Tutorial

DIY Oreo Notebook

Everyone likes Oreo and other Chocolate Sandwich Cookies! In this video tutorial I show how to make small DIY notebooks that look like this amazing dessert.   For DIY Oreo Notebook you will need: for two “chocolate wafers” – a piece of cardboard, 2 kitchen sponges, 150 denier tights (brown), double sided tape, needle and […]

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How To Make A Yo-Yo – Easy Way of DIY Yoyo Made Out Of 2 Plastic Caps

How to make a yoyo youtube 3

This is my video tutorial in which I show how to make DIY Yo-yo – really relaxable antistress toy! My way to make a yoyo is really easy – you’ll need just 2 plastic bottle caps, a screw, a screwdriver and 1 metre (40 inches) cotton yarn. Watch in my video tutorial how to fix […]

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