5 DIY Fall Phone Cases – How To Make Cute Phone Cases For Autumn

5 DIY Fall Phone Cases Designs

Autumn… 🙂 Rainy chilly days, long nights and lots of studying. Meanwhile – cozy evenings with hot cocoa and lots of gold and yellow! 🙂 Just smile at Autumn and it will smile back 🙂 Hope my new phone case designs will make you smile and inspire you to make your own funny, bright and […]

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5 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts and Room Decor Ideas 2017

5 DIY Valentines Day Gifts and Room Decor Ideas IdunnGoddess 2017

In this Valentine’s video I show how to make Heart Earmuffs, Angel Phone Case, Heart Tattoo Hairbrush, Wall Art Jewelry Organizer and Valentine’s Candle Jars. Hope my DIY projects will help you make Saint Valentine’s Day creative 🙂 Before starting the description, let me tell you – I LOVE YOU, my dear subscribers! X Ok, […]

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5 DIY Winter Phone Cases – How To Make Cute Phone Cases For Winter

DIY Winter Phone Cases

In this video I show five easy ways to decorate your phone covers for winter. Adorable DIY Fluffy Phone Case, Christmas Gift and Christmas Ornaments Cases, Glittery Winter Night Drawing and fuzzy pom pom tree, or pom-pine tree 🙂 I start with absolutely the cutest DIY phone case of all time – the Fluffy one. […]

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How To Make R2-D2 Phone Case and Pencil Case – DIY R2-D2 from Star Wars

DIY R2-D2 Phone Case and Pencil Case IdunnGoddess

In this easy video tutorial I show how to make one of my favorite science fiction heroes – the cutest droid ever – Artoo-Detoo! You can use it as a phone case, pencil case or make-up bag… Up to you! This is no-sew tutorial which makes DIY R2 even more easy to make 🙂 If […]

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3 DIY Phone Case Designs – How To Make Custom Phone Covers Tutorial

DIY Phone Cases Tutorial

My new easy video tutorial about how to decorate your phone cases in original creative way. All you need is your phone, crystal cover and 2 minutes of time. I made all three designs for my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, but they are perfect for any smartphone – tested on my friends and my boyfriend! […]

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