How To Make Oreo Notebook – DIY Chocolate Sandwich Cookies Notebook Tutorial

DIY Oreo Notebook

Everyone likes Oreo and other Chocolate Sandwich Cookies! In this video tutorial I show how to make small DIY notebooks that look like this amazing dessert.   For DIY Oreo Notebook you will need: for two “chocolate wafers” – a piece of cardboard, 2 kitchen sponges, 150 denier tights (brown), double sided tape, needle and […]

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How To Make Pac-Man Out Of Sticky Notes – DIY Room Decor with Post-it Notes

DIY Pac-Man Out Of Sticky Notes tutorial idunngoddess

This is my video tutorial of DIY Pac-Man Out Of Sticky Notes. Legendary arcade game hero now can be made yourself in 10 minutes and become a great decoration for your room. As you understand, you can make any kind of image with post-it notes (Super Mario, Tetris or just hearts and flowers). The main […]

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How To Make A Gift Bow Out Of Paper – DIY Paper Gift Bow

DIY Gift Bow Out Of Paper coloredtips 2

This is a really easy way to make a festive paper bows. All you need is 1 sheet printer paper (any color you want), a ruler, a pencil, scissors and double sided tape (or glue, or stapler). Fold printer paper sheet in half, mark 6 strips 1.5 cm each. Cut them and twist as it […]

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DIY Paper Poppy Flower – How To Make A Poppy From Paper

how to make a paper poppy flower coloredtips

This video shows the easy way to make a poppy flower with just one sheet of A4 paper. Also you will need a scissors, a pencil, a school glue and black marker. Follow my video instructions and you will see how easy is the process of making a poppy. You can decorate your photo frames […]

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