How To Make A Raccoon Wallet – DIY Raccoon Wallet Out Of Old Jeans (NO SEW)

Raccoon Wallet out of jeans no sew

Easy tutorial of an adorable do-it-yourself wallet out of jeans without sewing. All you need is a piece of denim cloth and my step-by-step instructions. I adore raccoons! They are so cute and clever! So why not to make something useful (such as wallet) in a shape of raccoon 🙂 First I show how to […]

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DIY Desk Decor and Organization Ideas – Mini Baby Room Style

diy desk decor and organization mini baby room idunngoddess

Easy video tutorial of DIY desk organization stuff made as a miniature baby room with a courtyard. Here you will find how to make mini baby pram, mini baby crib, mini bookcase, mini drawers and mini potted trees. I think the desk must be colorful and stuff on it must be bright. Because when you […]

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DIY Rainbow Pencil Case – Easy DIY Back-To-School Supplies Tutorial (NO SEW)

DIY Rainbow Pencil Case IdunnGoddess

Absolutely adorable – super easy and super beautiful – DIY Rainbow Pencil Case. All you will need to make it are old jeans (or any denim cloth) and shoelaces. It is NOT necessary to have colorful shoelaces – enough to have white ones and paint them with watercolor! Few words about measurements. As you understand, […]

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How To Make Giant Starbucks Cup – DIY Starbucks Storage Bucket (StarBuckET)

DIY Giant Starbucks Cup 4

This is a video tutorial of DIY Giant Starbucks Cup – absolutely adorable storage bucket (or as I call it – StarbuckET). This Starbucks bucket is really easy to make and besides it’s awesomeness it is also really useful! For my Giant Starbucks Cup you will need: – plastic bucket with lid (any size) – […]

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DIY Pencil Organizer From Toilet Paper Rolls (Recycle)

diy pen organizer from toilet paper rolls 222

This is one of my favourite recycle project because I have so many pencils, pens and brushes that this DIY organizer is very useful for me. And also what I like in this pen holder, that it is an entire space for your creativity! You can make as many “cups” out of empty toilet paper […]

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DIY Pencil Holder Out Of A Toilet Paper Roll – Toilet Paper Tube Craft

diy pen holder out of toilet paper roll

Very useful thing – easy DIY fridge pen holder out of an empty toilet paper roll. I love recycle craft ideas, so this one will be interested to those ones, who take care of our planet as much as I do. It’s great to have a pockets on your fridge, because they save a lot […]

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