How To Make Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite Candles DIY

How To Make Cola Fanta Sprite Candle DIY IdunnGoddess 5

Easy tutorial of absolutely incredible Do-It-Yourself candles in the shapes of Cola, Fanta and Sprite bottles. If you are looking for the best DIY gift idea – you will definitely like my video tutorial. For these soda shaped candles you will need: (for DIY Cola Bottle Candle) – 11 white candles (2 for the top […]

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How To Make A Water Candle – DIY Burning Water Candle

How To Make A Water Candle DIY Burning Water IdunnGoddess 2

Absolutely easy and beautiful way to make candles. Water Candles can be made in water glasses, wine glasses, vases, small fish tanks etc. They look fantastic, burn for a long time and will cost you less than dollar! To find out how to make water candles exactly – watch my video tutorial. But here is […]

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DIY Night Light Our Of a Paper Cup – How To Make a Candle Jar From Paper Cup

diy night light

Very easy way to make a nightlight. You will need a wineglass, a paper cup and a floating candle. Cut the bottom of a paper glass, put a candle into the wineglass and light it. Then cover your wineglass with a paper cup (bottom must be on the wineglass’ top). That’s all. But I suggest […]

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DIY Candle Jar – Coffee Inspired

Handmade Candle Jar

This is easy tutorial – how to make jar for candles. Besides, you will also discover to yourself how to draw with handmade stencils on clothes.

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DIY Sky Projector – How To Paint a Bulb For Sky Effect

DIY Sky Lamp

This video shows you how to paint bulb with watercolors or gouache to make an effect of sky. When you will switch it on — your room become blue and cloudy 🙂 . Amazing effect to decorate your room. Enjoy my DIY Design Ideas — they are fast, easy and cheep. But awesome!

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