5 DIY Room Decor and Desk Organization Ideas – Art Deco Style

Room Decor Ideas Art Deco Style IdunnGoddess

Five easy tutorials of DIY room and desk decorations in Art Deco style. In this video I show how to make DIY Showcase, DIY Lampshade, DIY Marble Bookends and pencil holders, DIY glass shelves and books decorating. 1st DIY Glass Shelves I start with this easy DIY project because I find it really useful and […]

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How To Make A Lightsaber in 2 minutes – DIY Star Wars Lightsabers

DIY Lightsabers

This is a video tutorial about two easy options of how to make a lightsaber – energy weapon featured in the Star Wars universe. These light-swords will take you 2 minutes to do. Make them of any color – green, blue, red… Or even make a red double-bladed saberstuff. I show two easy options of […]

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DIY Fake Fireplace With Faux Fire – Cozy Room Decor Tutorial

DIY Fake Fireplace With Faux Fire IdunnGoddess 3

Easy video tutorial of how to make a fake fireplace with flickering ember out of a box and baking paper! So make your room cozy by following my step-by-step video instructions 🙂 You should start with a box! As bigger fireplace you want – as bigger must be your box. I took an old box […]

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How To Make Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite Candles DIY

How To Make Cola Fanta Sprite Candle DIY IdunnGoddess 5

Easy tutorial of absolutely incredible Do-It-Yourself candles in the shapes of Cola, Fanta and Sprite bottles. If you are looking for the best DIY gift idea – you will definitely like my video tutorial. For these soda shaped candles you will need: (for DIY Cola Bottle Candle) – 11 white candles (2 for the top […]

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How To Make A Water Candle – DIY Burning Water Candle

How To Make A Water Candle DIY Burning Water IdunnGoddess 2

Absolutely easy and beautiful way to make candles. Water Candles can be made in water glasses, wine glasses, vases, small fish tanks etc. They look fantastic, burn for a long time and will cost you less than dollar! To find out how to make water candles exactly – watch my video tutorial. But here is […]

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