5 DIY Adorable Sleep Masks – How To Make An Eye Mask For Sleeping

5 DIY Sleep Masks

In this video I show five ways of making sleep masks (or blindfolds) shaped like animals – easy DIY Unicorn, Owl, Bat, Kitty and Panda Sleep Masks tutorial. Comfortable, useful and absolutely adorable. The sleep mask is a highly needed accessory for me! I usually edit videos till morning, so these eye masks help me […]

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DIY Tote Bags – How To Make And Decorate Tote Bags – easy tutorial

tote bags IdunnGoddess

In this video I show the easiest way to make a tote bag and three cool ways to decorate blank canvas tote bags. Silver shiny bag, flower peace sign bag and a bag with marine stripes and yellow submarine on it. For the DIY Tote Bag (first part of the video – How To Make […]

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DIY Earmuffs – How To Make Oreo, M&M’s and YouTube Earmuffs

DIY Earmuffs Oreo M and Ms YouTube IdunnGoddess 3

In this video tutorial I show how to make easy, cozy and cute DIY Earmuffs. All you’ll need is an old sweatshirt, a headband and 2 plastic Pringles caps (or cardboard). I’m sure this video will be useful for countries with cold weather. I live in Europe, so I made myself three pairs of earmuffs […]

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