How To Make Pizza Notebook – DIY Miniature Pizza Notepad in a Pizza Box

Easy way to make a miniature pizza notebook in a mini pizza box out of an actual pizza box, wheat flour and spiral notebook. Easy and cute!

DIY Pizza Notebook IdunnGoddess

The season of “Back-To-School” is so exciting – everyone wants to express themselves with some DIY school supplies. So why not to make this super cute mini pizza notebook!

My tutorial consists of three parts.

First – making a notebook. You will need: needless spiral notebook, stationery knife and some round object, to cut pages around it (I took a plastic Pringles lid, but you can take a glass, for example). The diametre of my circle (the lid from Pringles chips) was about 8 cm (3 inches).

Second – making “pizza”. I made my mini pizza out of a DIY clay made of flour. So, for DIY “clay” you will need: salt (2 tablespoons), hot water (100 ml) and wheat flour (200 g). After making pizza – paint it with acrylic paints (use the dry paintbrush only – no water!) or/and nail polishes. OR! You can make pizza of air-dry clay 😉

Third – making a pizza box. You will need an actual pizza box (or just some cardboard), stationery knife, two rulers and a school glue. Decorate your box as you wish 🙂

After all I glued a piece of velcro to the back side of the notebook and glued it’s second part to the box.

Love. Create. Discover. x

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