How To Make Animals Notebooks – DIY Dog, Panda And Koala Notebooks (with ears bookmarks)

Dear friends, I really hope you will like my new notebooks designs 🙂 They are easy to make, cute and functional. Ears are bookmarks, Koala’s and Panda’s arms are pencil holders, and a Dog can hold pencils in it’s mouth. 🙂 Please write which one is your favorite 🙂 Hugs. Idunn

DIY Animals Notebooks

In this video I show how to make cute Koala, Panda and Dog notebooks and notepads. Their ears are bookmarks and they can hold pencils in their arms (which are also fasteners). Oh, and the dog holds pencils in it’s mouth. 🙂

For all these three notebooks I use stiffened acrylic (synthetic) craft felt (thickness 2 mm).

For DIY Panda Notebook you will need white and black felt, a piece of velcro, 2 paper clips a glue gun. One panda’s arm is a pencil holder and another one – is a notebook’s fastener. Both ears are bookmarks 🙂

For DIY Koala Notepad you will need grey, black and a piece of white felt, velcro and 2 paper clips. Both arms are pencil holders and fasteners, and ears are bookmarks.

For DIY Dog Notebook (I made a sketchbook notepad) you will need brown, orange and a piece of black and white felt, 2 paper clips, velcro. As for both previous – dog’s ears are bookmarks but the fastener and a pencil holder is a dog’s mouth (which I find extremely cute). 🙂

Hope you will like these cuties, They are really awesome!

Good Luck!

Love. Create. Discover.


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