How To Make A Pikachu Backpack – DIY School Supplies in Pokemon Go Style

Easy way to make absolutely awesome back-to-school DIY project – Pikachu backpack. I’m so happy this cute pokémon is on trend again! So why not to make your own Pikachu following my easy tutorial 😉

DIY Pikachu Backpack

In my video I show two ways to make a template for Pikachu’s face. The first – to print his face and one ear on regular printer paper. The second – is to trace the outline of Pikachu from the screen of your laptop. This is in case you don’t have a printer.

Do It Yourself Pikachu Backpack

Next step is to cut eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks and ears from the printed (or drawn) image. And it is very important to save the whole drawing, so you can use it as a guide when you’ll glue parts of the face to the backpack. Then the face of Pikachu will look like real, if I can say so 🙂

Pikachu BagPack 2

Let’s talk about materials I used. All parts I made of felt (black, white, red and yellow). I used 2 mm felt. But you can use fleece instead. To attach all parts to the backpack I used a hot glue. But, you can sew them – it’s up to you. Anyway hot glue works really good! And the backpack – I bought it online. Just wrote “yellow backpack” in Google Search and chose one of the cheapest 😉

I am in love with my Pikachu backpack. And people passing by, when I was shooting outside, were also impressed. So really hope you’ll like it too.

Love. Create. Discover. x

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