How To Make A Diamond Notebook And Holographic Glitter School Supplies – DIY Holographic Back-To-School

Five DIYs for school – DIY Diamond Notebook, DIY Glitter Pen, DIY Glitter Pencil, Glitter Ruler and Glitter Eraser. This DIY Back-to-School tutorial is super easy and super shimmery!

DIY Diamond Holographic Glitter School Supplies

DIY Back-To-School project number one – DIY Diamond Notebook. For this project you will need a notebook, white paper, glue stick and holographic paper (or use glitter paper instead). I used a piece of holographic paper bag. So maybe you will find something shiny in your old stuffs (in case you don’t have a holographic paper).

For DIY Glitter Pen (or better to say holographic unicorn skin pen) you will need a ballpoint pen, glitter, sequins and old glitter glue tube. Note! After washing it with water, let it dry before filling with glitter.

And the third, fourth and fifth DIYs are – Glitter Pencil, Glitter Eraser (cover) and Glitter Ruler. You will need double-sided tape for these projects, glitter, clear nail polish. Silver ribbon (for the pencil), glitter paper (for eraser).

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