DIY Rainbow Pencil Case – Easy DIY Back-To-School Supplies Tutorial (NO SEW)

Absolutely adorable – super easy and super beautiful – DIY Rainbow Pencil Case. All you will need to make it are old jeans (or any denim cloth) and shoelaces. It is NOT necessary to have colorful shoelaces – enough to have white ones and paint them with watercolor!

DIY Rainbow Pencil Case IdunnGoddess

Few words about measurements. As you understand, the main point is to be able to put pencils into the case. So my diameter (bottom length of the “rainbow”) was 23 cm. But if you have shorter pens – make it smaller 🙂

The plastic storage bag is perfect for rainbow’s center because the material is very strong, flexible and absolutely transparent.

White fleece for clouds… Well, it is not necessary. You can use white felt, back side (inside) of jeans (then clouds will be light blue) or just leave your rainbow without clouds! Just secure edges of shoelaces with fire, as I show in my video.

My mom and 2 my friends already made themselves this kind of pencil cases. Just mother uses it for make up 🙂 Everyone is in love with it. So I’m sure you will love it too!


Wish you a rainbow mood! Good luck!

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