DIY Pencil Organizer From Toilet Paper Rolls (Recycle)

diy pen organizer from toilet paper rolls 222

This is one of my favourite recycle project because I have so many pencils, pens and brushes that this DIY organizer is very useful for me. And also what I like in this pen holder, that it is an entire space for your creativity! You can make as many “cups” out of empty toilet paper rolls as you need, paint them, decorate and locate in different ways. So this is really great “green fashion” stuff for your desk.

diy pen organizer from toilet paper rolls 44

For DIY Recycle Pen Organizer you will need: 3 (or more) empty toilet paper tubes, scissors, double sided scotch tape, magazine pages (or just paint) and a carboard sheet (for bottom). Well, follow my video instructions to organize your desk space.

Good luck!

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