DIY Donut Pencil Case – How To Make a Pencil Case Shaped Like A Doughnut

Easy and cute way to make a pencil case shaped like a bitten donut. Once I made a DIY Donut Notebook ( and many people asked me to make something similar. So here it is 🙂


For this Do-It-Yourself Doughnut Pencil Case you will need:

  • yellow felt

  • pink felt

  • toothpicks

  • nail polish of different colours

  • a zipper

  • a piece of clear vinyl or any clear plastic

Make your donut pencil cases of different “tastes” – make them chocolate with white cream icing, or strawberry pink with blue mint icing… Experiment! 🙂

Love. Create. Discover. X

4 thoughts on “DIY Donut Pencil Case – How To Make a Pencil Case Shaped Like A Doughnut

    1. Felt – from the craft store, plastic – from the storage bag for pillows. But I believe any tight clear plastic will be good for this project.

  1. Hi!!! Recently I’ve been watching all your videos and besides the fact that I want to do everything! I was wondering what brand of watercolour you use??. If I ever travel to USA or wherever you bought them because I’m in love with the yellow you use for lemons and how pigmented they are and you use them so amazingly!!, you are so wonderful

    1. My dear! Thank you so much! I have never been to the USA 🙂 I’m from Europe. Anyway, the watercolor I use are “Winsor & Newton”, “Art Nation”, “Marie’s” and probably few more… LOL I believe you can paint with any watercolors. But probably not with ones from the kids store. Good luck!!! x

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