7 DIY Notebooks – How To Make Mermaid, Watermelon, Marble, Cactus And More Notebooks

7 DIY Notebooks - Watermelon, Marble, Mermaid, Gold, Cactus

In this DIY BackToSchool video I show how to make Mermaid Notebook, Cactus, Marble (plus how to draw marble), Watermelon, Jigsaw Puzzle Notebooks (with bookmarks), DIY Notebook with handles and Fabric Cover Notebook.

I start with a Jigsaw Puzzle Notebook.

For this project I painted puzzle pieces with different colors but before filming I was thinking to spray paint them with gold. So it’s up to you 😉

Number 2 – DIY Mermaid scale notebook.

Use paper of blue shades (including glitter paper) and make about 200 circles with hole punch to cover all the notebook’s surface (A4). Sounds like “seriously? 200?” – lol – but it doesn’t take much time, trust me 🙂 Use a glue stick to secure “scales” row by row (from bottom to top).

The third notebook is one of my favorites – “You Are One In A Melon”.

To make it I used a mirror paper (green, silver and pink), but it works great with regular colored paper too.

Next – DIY Fabric Cover Notebook.

I used fabric gift bag for this project, but you can use any kind of fabric – just make sure you love the pattern 🙂 It is super easy and quick. And looks just awesome.

The fifth – DIY Marble Notebook.

And when I say DIY I really mean it 🙂 In this part of the video I show how to draw a marble pattern. You will need just a pencil, black liner pen, pink (or any color you want) felt tip pen, white acrylic (or watercolor, or gouache) paint, gold paint or marker and a gold ribbon. Super fast, super easy and soooo beautiful 🙂

Moving on – number 6 – DIY Cactus Notebook.

Great idea to show your pins collection. All you need is a piece of green felt (craft acrylic, not natural) and a glue gun.

And the seventh – is a notebook with handles – cute and useful decoration 🙂

I used a wrapping paper and ribbons to make it, but you can cover the notebook with any paper, or even combine this project with the previous ones. 😉

Love you!

Love. Create. Discover.


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