7 DIY Fruit Notebooks – How To Make Fruits Notebooks (tutorial)

Absolutely easy way to make your own notebooks that look like fruits – Orange, Lime, Watermelon, Kiwifruit, Apple, Grapes, Strawberry and Pineapple. After this video tutorial you will definitely want to make these DIY back-to-school supplies 🙂

fruit notebooks IdunnGoddess

The idea is simple – you will need an ordinary boring notebook. And out of it you’ll be able to make two totally adorable fruits, that will bring you joy every time you’ll need to write smth down.

For this project I used gouache paints, but you can use watercolors, markers, pencils whatever!
So I’ve already mentioned substitutes for painting techniques. Another substitute could be needed for felt – so it could be a cardboard, ribbons, just a piece of green fabric etc. Substitute for a glue gun – any strong glue 🙂

Be creative! Create new fruits, make DIY vegetables notebooks 🙂 Make art!


Good luck! 🙂

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