5 DIY Smartphone School Supplies – How To Make Phone Notebook, Pencil Case, Charm, Eraser And More

Once I had a day without my smartphone… That was a dark times… LOL But seriously! I can’t live without this amazing device. Not just because of social networks, but also books, YouTube, games, 360-degree virtual reality, chatting etc. So better to have more smartphones, even as school supplies, rather than none. LOL What a thought! 🙂 Anyway! Enjoy the video! Love you! Idunn

5 DIY Smartphone School Supplies

Five easy ways to turn your school supplies into smartphone shaped school set. In this back-to-school video (with a bit of comedy style) I show how to make DIY Phone Notebook, DIY Phone Eraser, DIY Phone Pencil Case, DIY Phone Watercolor Set and DIY Phone Charm for your backpack!

I start with DIY eraser. As far as it quite difficult to paint on eraser 🙂 I’ve decided to make a case that works like a lipstick case 🙂 Almost. You will need an eraser (better white and rectangular), white paper, clear tape, old magazine, silver or holographic tape, glue stick and white permanent marker (or paint numbers with white nail polish). I printed tiny logos for my eraser, which was not necessary, but it looked more cute with them. If you don’t have a printer – you can draw them or find in magazines (many articles at the end has these logos, to ask you to follow that magazine on social networks).

The second projects – is a DIY Phone Notebook. Super easy and looks just fabulous! 🙂 I made a pocket for “wallpaper”, so you can change it whenever you’ll get bored of old one. Or you can print an Instagram page screenshot… To make this notebook you will need a notebook (you can buy the exact size one, or cut a piece from a big one as I show in my video). Also you will need a clear plastic packaging (it could be some kind of food container or (as I used) a toy packaging), white acrylic paint, double sided tape and any image to insert into the “screen-pocket”.

You can print the images I used from my site:

DIY smartphone school supplies elements DIY smartphone school supplies wallpaper

The third DIY – Smartphone Watercolor Set 🙂 I always thought why there were not much back-to-school videos with watercolor sets? I always took my set to gymnasium when I studied. So here it is – DIY watercolour pan set makeover! 🙂 You will need a set with clear lead (as it almost always is), masking tape and acrylic paint. By the way – you can spray paint it. And use any color for it (for example gold… why not?) 🙂 For the button I used holographic tape, but you can just draw it.

The fourth DIY project is a DIY Phone Charm (you can hag it on your backpack, or even use as a necklace charm). To make it you will need a cheap set of key tags (plastic keychains). I found mine in a hardware store. I made a white phone (because I prefer white phones and all devices at all), but you can paint it gold or leave another color of plastic itself (blue, yellow etc).

And the last DIY in this video is a DIY Phone Pencil Case. I just took a clear case from geometry ruler set (which I found in stationery store), but I also notices there where many kinds of them (cases) for felt tip pens, for stickers and just cheap basic clear pencil cases. So it’s not hard to find. I used a white vinyl wrapping to cover it, but you can use double-sided tape, white paper and then cover the paper with clear tape. You can put some image inside or just leave the “screen” transparent to see what you have in your pencil case 🙂 It looks awesome anyway.

Hope you’ll get inspired to make your own smartphone school DIYs. Good luck!

Love. Create. Discover.


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