3 DIY Notebooks – How To Decorate Notebook Covers (DIY Back To School Ideas)

Easy tutorial where I show three awesome ways of decorating notebooks and notepads. DIY Gummy Bears, Fluffy Grass and Brick Wall notebooks. Easy and cute Back-to-school ideas!

DIY Notebooks for Back To School IdunnGoddess

I must confess that I adore these three DIY projects. 🙂 So I deeply hope you will like them too!

The first notebook cover design – Fluffy Grass. Almost every awesome things are inspired by nature. And this notebook is a great proof for this theory 😉 And it is so fluffy and soft that you can even have a nap on it lol Better after lessons. For this DIY notebook cover you will need a notebook, green yarn (I used 50% wool 50% acrylic), something to wrap the yarn around (I used a ruler which width was 4 cm), a glue gun (or super glue) and nail scissors. I also took three artificial flowers to decorate this cute little lawn, but it is not necessary.

The second DIY notebook – Gummy Bears one. It is absolutely adorable, looks cute and yummy. Just in case – it is not edible :))) Unfortunately… For this cover you will need a hot glue gun, a piece of baking paper, some paper to draw the shape of the bear, nail polishes (green, yellow and red – the classic gummy bears color combination). Just one tip – make few drops of hot glue on your parchment paper to make sure bears will unstuck.

And the third one notebook was inspired by Pink Floyd “The Wall”. Although the lyrics of the song I was particularly inspired with is “we don’t need no education” (“Another brick in the wall”) – I think this DIY notebook is perfect for school 😉 To make it you’ll need: popsicle sticks, scissors, red acrylic paint (and few more colors of your choice), super glue and a notebook of course 🙂

Love. Create. Discover. x

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