How To Make Star, Heart and Round Baskets Using Drinking Straws And Ribbons – Easy DIY Baskets

Super easy way to make super adorable baskets of different shapes (heart, star and round) that will help you to organize you desk 🙂

DIY Star Heart And Round Baskets Out Of Drinking Straws

In this video I show how to make decorative baskets of different shapes for desk decoration and organization. You can store your stationery, make up, keys or craft things in them and use them as a beautiful tray for your desk.

I show how to make a heart-shaped basket, gold star-shaped basket and rainbow round basket, that looks like a birthday cake 🙂

And I start with the most easy – DIY Heart Basket. You will need a piece of cardboard, drinking straws, ribbon, drawing pins and hot glue.

Instead of using drinking straws you can use old useless pencils (just cut them with the knife) or bamboo skewers.

Instead of a ribbon you can use strips of paper or cut your old T-shirt for strips (as I show in the video).

Instead of drawing pins you can use pompoms or beads 🙂

Measurements! As I used a ribbon 1.5 cm wide – every piece of drinking straw was 5 cm high. I knew I was going to make three laps of ribbon, so I multiplied 1.5 cm by 3 (three laps) and added 5 mm more just to be sure it will be enough space.

These measurements I used for every basket in the video. For example for the star I used 1 cm ribbon, and I wanted to make four “laps” of it. So my drinking straws pieces were 1×4=4 cm each plus 5 mm. So 4,5 cm 🙂

And the same for the round basket. 1 cm ribbon x 6 laps + 5 mm = 6.5 mm each drinking straw piece.

Make sure you have odd number of drinking straw pieces NOT even! The weaving will not work if you’ll have even number of straws. I used 25 straws for the heart-shaped basket.

Just in case 🙂 – odd number is the number that is not a multiple of two. If it isdivided by two the result is a fraction (examples 1, 3, 5, 7, … 21, 23, 25… etc).

What for are drawing pins? They prevent ribbon from slipping off the straws.

About DIY Star Basket. StarBasket lol 🙂 All the same, but I covered the cardboard bottom with a beautiful craft card stock (you can cover it with yellow paper, gold paper or just paint it).

It is much easier to situate straws on the star – for one for every outer corner, for one for every inner corner (so it id 5+5=10 already) and 2 straws between the straw in outer and inner corners. But! If you’ll make it as I have just wrote – you’ll got even number of straws. So just throw one away 😉

And for the DIY Round Rainbow Basket I used 6 ribbons (width 1 cm each) or different (rainbow) colors. I start weaving this basket as two previous (with the loop for the first straw and going on over-behind-over-behind the whole lap) but secure the end of it for it’s start (the straw with the loop). The second ribbon I start to weave from the straw next to the first one and repeat the previous steps. And the third ribbon I star from the first straw – exactly as the first lap. Fourth ribbon – exactly as the second lap. Fifth ribbon – as the first (and third) lap. And the final sixth ribbon – as the second (and the fourth) lap.

Try different shapes – crescent, rainbow (bow), diamond etc. Try different colors of ribbons or paper strips… Get creative!

Love. Create. Discover.


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