How To Make A Giant Cola Can Bean Bag Chair – DIY Super Giant Coca-Cola Bean Bag Couch

Video tutorial of how to make a bean bag chair shaped like giant Coca-Cola can. I would even call it a couch or a sofa 🙂 You can lay on this type of frameless furniture or sit with your friend playing video games. It is really easy to make, it is really comfortable and it is light enough to replace it.

Giant Cola Can Bean Bag Chair IdunnGoddess

Well, for my DIY Bean Bag I took red fabric (250×150 cm), grey fabric (100×200 cm), white fleece fabric (150×100 cm) and 800 litres of bean bag filling. If I had a sewing machine it would save me a lot of time, but I made it with hands (with a needle and a thread) and proved it is possible to everyone. 🙂

Giant Cola Can Bean Bag Chair IdunnGoddess1

I show how to make a bean bag which looks like a giant Cola can shape because it is recognized, easy to make and it is long (unlike regular bean bags). So you can nap on it and feel totally relaxed. But you can make it of any shape, or decorate with your favourite drink.

Giant Cola Can Bean Bag Chair IdunnGoddess4

Also I show how to fill (or refill) a bean bag with filling without mess – it could be a very useful information. Trust me. 🙂 And sure – how to clean bean bag filling or sweep it from the floor. If you tried it once – you should know it is almost impossible. But I found my own way to sweep polystyrene beads – use a water sprayer and a dustpan (no brush, no duster). And you’ll remove them easily (watch in my video).


Have fun!

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