How To Make A Cactus Jewelry Organizer – DIY Stuffed Cactus Jewellery Holder For Bracelets, Earrings And Rings

I’m in love with this cutie! It is so useful, so cute and functional and it is green – and green is my favorite color! lol Cacti are great! Especially when they are not spiny and organize your jewelry 😉

DIY Cactus Jewelry Organizer For Bracelets Earrings and Rings

In this video I show how to make amazing jewelry organizer shaped like a cactus in a flowerpot. It is made of 2 toilet paper rolls and 1 paper towel roll and a piece of old fabric. Super easy, super adorable and super functional!

DIY Cactus Jewelry Organizer Idunn Goddess 2-01

On this cactus you can hang bracelets, earrings and rings – so it’s three in one 🙂 And one more – it is a cute room decoration or decoration for your vanity table.

DIY Cactus Jewelry Organizer Idunn Goddess 1-01

To make it you will need 1 paper towel roll (mine was 15 cm circumference and 22 cm long), 2 toilet paper rolls (5 cm circumference, about 10 cm long), piece of old green fabric (old towel or sweatshirt would be perfect), glue gun (or use double-sided tape and a needle with a thread instead), pillow stuffing, green thread and a needle, artificial flowers (optional), sewing pins (to make cactus’ spines which would be hangers for rings and earrings), flower pot, stones or sand.

DIY Cactus Jewelry Organizer Idunn Goddess 3-01

It will take 15 minutes to do and will serve you well.

Love. Create. Discover.

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