How To Make a Cactus Farm Nightlight – DIY Cacti Night Lights Out Of Paper

From this video you’ll find out how to make an adorable mini cactus farm – which you can use as a nightlight or just as a room decoration.

For this super cute cacti you will need a sheet of paper (a half of A4 format paper sheet), a flowerpot, decorative stones or sand and Christmas lights. And if you want your cactus blooms – then you’ll need a pink sticky note.

DIY Cactus Night Light Out Of Paper IDUNN

Follow my video instructions and you’ll make a whole farm of cacti in 5 minute!

For the smallest cactus from my video (green and white stripes) – 8×30 cm
For the biggest – 16×60 cm (2 A4)
For the rest cacti – 10.5×30 cm
For the flower – 1 sticky note (5×7.5 cm) cut in half (2.5×7.5 cm each half)

Really hope you’ll like these cute cacti lamps!


Have fun and never stop DIYing 🙂

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