DIY Multifunctional Double-Sided Desk – How To Make A Desk And Organize It

This super-duper DIY Desk will always look tidy and organized. The desktop will always be clean, empty and ready for fun or work because all your stuff will be on the desk’s underneath! I’m so happy with my new invention! And I’m happy to share it with you!

DIY Multifunctional Double-Sided Desk

In this video I show how to make a desk with a deskTOP and a deskBOTTOM 🙂 Both sides – upper and underneath -are in use! Actually, all desk’s sides. You can draw on it, store stuff under, over and all over the desk. Every centimeter could be in use.

For this, I would say – magic 🙂 DIY desk you will need 3 sections of garden expanding trellis (90 cm high), whiteboard (90×60 cm) and super glue.

As you understand this DIY Desk is very cheap! Super cheap as for a desk. And super-duper cheap as for the desk like this! LOL

For desk organization you’ll need magnets, tape and a few more cheap materials if you want to make a mouse pad, coaster and storage boxes.

What I seriously like in this table is that it always looks like empty, or better to say cleaned up. That is because all supplies are hidden under the desktop. And sure – drawing on the desk! It’s a dream! 🙂 Seriously I’m so happy I found that the whiteboard (or markerboard) could be used as a desk. Just draw or write whatever you want and just wipe it off! 🙂 Awesome!

Love. Create. Discover.


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