DIY Instagram Photo Frame Out Of a Pizza Box and Pringles Cap – DIY Room Decor Idea

This is a video tutorial of how to make Instagram Photo Frame – great decor for your desk or your room. You can make it of any size and color, place any photo or just insert a mirror! It is always fun to have your favorite pictures in cute DIY frames at your desk, on your wall or on the fridge (as a magnet).

DIY Instagram Photo Frame tutorial
For DIY Instagram Frame you will need: an empty pizza box, a plastic cap from Pringles, ruler, pencil, scissors, double sided and ordinary scotch tapes, watercolor (or gouache). Follow my video instructions to make your own awesome photo frame.
I made myself Insta Frames with different colors (classic brown and candy pink). Also I made three tiny frames – 3cm x 3cm each. I used plastic rounds as “lenses” made from a plastic bottle.
Be creative and let’s be friends on Instagram (idunngoddess)!

Good luck! 🙂

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