DIY Fake Fireplace With Faux Fire – Cozy Room Decor Tutorial

Easy video tutorial of how to make a fake fireplace with flickering ember out of a box and baking paper! So make your room cozy by following my step-by-step video instructions 🙂

DIY Fake Fireplace With Faux Fire IdunnGoddess 3

You should start with a box! As bigger fireplace you want – as bigger must be your box. I took an old box from my printer. It’s (box’s) sizes are: 37 cm (h), 45 cm (w), 19 cm (d).
For the main hole I left 9 cm from the right side and 9 cm from the left side, 6.5 cm at the top, 4.5 cm at the bottom. For the arch I took a microwave glass tray which diameter was 29 cm. “Bricks” I made were 9.5×4.5 cm. But as you understand – the SIZE OF ANY DETAIL DEPENDS ON YOUR BOX!
Christmas lights I used for the “fire” (or better to say ember) had 4 colours of lights – blue, green, yellow and red. I hid all blue and green lights with an electrical tape. If specify – I had 25 yellow lights and 25 red 🙂

And few more tips:
Don’t use white baking paper – it doesn’t look like coal! I tried!
Substitute for white gouache – any other white paint or white paper (you can wrap your box with it instead of painting). Or even more better option – white box! 🙂
Use dry branches to decorate your fire.
Substitute for Christmas lights – golden and metal-red Christmas garlands or fake candles with LED lamps.
DON’T PUT CANDLES INSIDE THE BOX! As you understand – this faux fireplace is made of a cardboard box, so don’t decorate it with candles!

If you didn’t find an answer to your question here, in the description, or in the video – please ask in comments 🙂


Good luck!

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