DIY Chair Makeover – How To Make Awesome New Chair of Old One (From Old To New Upcycling Tutorial)

Easy From-Old-To-New DIY renew, upcycle and makeover video tutorial. Remaking old chair to a new one with a little hammock for magazines 🙂

DIY Chair Makeover Idunn Goddess

To remake or upcycle old chair, first of all, you will need and old chair 🙂 obviously 🙂 I found mine lying on the ground near street waste containers. But for aesthetical view I show that I found it in the park 🙂 Probably you or your neighbors have an old useless chairs…

And here is the full list of materials you’ll need: sandpaper, acrylic paint for furniture (I did not use a prime, because I have made so many wooden things with it and without it, and still can find the difference), a piece of any fabric you want (better tight; you can use old curtains or blanket), ribbons, needle and thread, pillow stuffing.


Polish the chair in gloves. And don’t push sandpaper too hard – you’ll get tired in 10 minutes. Better to polish the wood slightly but many times, than hard, but once and not to the end 🙂

Before applying the second coat let the first one dry. But acrylic paint for wood dries fast. So when you’ll finish to paint the last chair part – the first one will be already dry.

Instead of sewing you can use a hot glue gun.

As you can see – all fabric parts can be easily removed and washed. So better make the sit cover as I showed in the video, don’t use a powered stapler.

Experiment with colors. I had few plans in my head (for example black chair with black and white pattern fabric), but stopped on the bright yellow and colorful fabric. But colors and style depend on your room.

Good luck!

Love. Create. Discover.


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