DIY Bottle Caps Photo Frames – How to Make Creative Photo Frames

There’s a simple way to make photo frame out of bottle caps. It looks amazing. You can put them on magnets and place on the fridge or glue thumbtacks to the back and place on the wall. Anyway it looks cool!

Here is step by step description how to make bottle-caps-photo-frames:

  1. Take as many bottle caps as you like. I suggest to take 16 or 25 caps.
  2. Paint the inside of the caps with white spray paint.
  3. Let them dry!
  4. Take any picture you’d like to put into caps-frame. I use magazines and few photos of my bf 🙂
  5. Make one pattern of circle that perfectly fits into future frame.
  6. Attach pattern to the picture and cut off around edges.
  7. Drop a bit of glue in the middle and glue your photos or magazine pictures.
  8. When you’ll finish glue magnets to the back.
  9. Instead of magnets you can glue thumbtacks to the back if you want to place your caps-frames on the wall.
  10. Voila! Place your amazing bottle-caps-photo-frames on the fridge!

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