5 DIY Winter Room Decor Ideas – How To Decorate Your Room (Winter Style)

In the 3rd episode of Winter With Idunn series I show five easy Winter style DIY projects: DIY Frosted Lantern, DIY Silver Beaded Clock, DIY Frozen Mirror, DIY Silver Tree Noticeboard and DIY Glass Jewelry Boxes 🙂

5 DIY Winter Room Decor Ideas Idunn 2017

I start with absolutely adorable DIY “Frosted” Lantern. I am seriously obsessed with this project. So beautiful 🙂 You will need 4 photo frames with glass (make sure it is real glass, not acrylic glass), white acrylic paint (or just buy 4 white frames lol), white glue (also known as school glue or PVA glue) and salt. I use microwave oven for this project. But you can dry it with hair dryer. If you will let it dry itself, it will take a long time and the salt will not crystallize as good as in my video 🙂 I tried.

The next DIY is a Silver Beaded Wall Clock and DIY clock stand if you want to put it on the table (as I did). You will need a paper plate (mine was 23 cm in diameter), silver Christmas bead chain garland (about 3 m). double-sided tape and cheap or old wall clock. Super easy and super beautiful.

The third – DIY Mirror with Frosty Patterns. I use silver glitter nail polish for this project. I like how the result looks (shimmering and tender) and the mirror is easy to wash.

For the fourth DIY – Silver Firtree Noticeboard (pin board) – I used old camping mat with aluminum foil (insulating cover). It is easy to find, it is cheap and if you don’t do exercises or go camping – you can make adorable noticeboard 🙂

The fifth DIY decoration – useful and beautiful jewelry boxes (or organizers) that look like ice cubes 🙂 You will need 2 identical glass bowls (I used 2 square glass bowls and 2 small round ones). And I show two ways to attach the “lid” – with washi tape and with a hinge and super glue 🙂


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4 thoughts on “5 DIY Winter Room Decor Ideas – How To Decorate Your Room (Winter Style)

  1. I love your videos and DIY’s. They’re so original and beautiful <3 You are the only youtuber that makes DIY's out of yhings that EVERYONE have at home or can buy it. Other youtubers just put the washi tape on the pencil and call it "DIY". Your DIY's are REAL DIY's. You're not using things that are hard to get or not availble in some countries. I saw many channels like yours and you are the best <3

  2. I love your ideas! Very creative and new. Do you have any puzzle piece ideas for autism awareness is April? Thanks Nikki

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