5 DIY Winter Room Decor Ideas – How To Decorate Your Room For Winter

Five easy do-it-yourself decorations for winter – silver candle jars, Glowing Snow in a jar nightlight, winter wall art, snowflake garland out of a tinsel and “frosted” photo frame. All these things will make your room look gorgeous.

DIY Winter Room Decor Ideas

I start with an easy but absolutely beautiful winter decoration – Silver Candle Jars. You will need a glass, school glue and silver Christmas tinsel. These DIY candle jars look like they are covered with silver ice. Awesome!

The next DIY project – is a DIY Nightlight – Glowing Snow In A Jar 🙂 Absolutely adorable and cute night light. All you need: a narrow glass, a glass jar, LED Christmas lights (50 lights in a string) and plastic artificial snow (that could be bought anywhere in winter) 🙂 If you like snow as much as I do – you will definitely like this Glowing Snow nightlight.

The third winter decoration – is a Winter Wall Art. I was inspired by North Pole landscape. Unfortunately it melts, but hope we’ll unite to stop it. For this project you will need a canvas, aluminum foil and double-sided tape. Yes, crumpled foil sounds weird, but looks amazing as a result 😉

Moving to the next DIY – Snowflake Garland Out Of A White Christmas Tinsel. Original way to make a snowflake garland 🙂 All you need is a tinsel. Yep. That’s all. 😉

And the last winter decoration for your room is a Frosted Photo Frame with a Frosted glass 🙂 You will need a photo frame (with glass), plastic artificial snow, school glue, hair spray and a toothpaste. Just a quick advice – use a hair spray with a strong hold effect.

Love. Create. Discover. X

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