5 DIY Unicorn Style Desk Organization Ideas – How To Decorate Your Desk Every Unicorn Would Like

In this video I show 5 desk decor and organization DIY projects: how to make DIY Unicorn Stationery Organizer, Shooting Star Pencil Topper and Coaster, Unicorn Pencil Holders, Rainbow Mousepad and Holographic Unicorn Wall Clock.

5 DIY Unicorn Style Desk Organization

I start with a stationery organizer – super cute sleepy unicorn 🙂 You will need a saucer, white acrylic paint (if it is not white), paper (A4), highlighters and some glue. Place your washi tapes or just tapes on it’s horn and put paperclips around it. Looks absolutely awesome!

Next – 2 in 1 – DIY Pencil Topper and DIY Coaster shaped like a shooting star with rainbow “tail”. You will need yellow felt (or cork coaster and yellow acrylic paint), ribbons to make a rainbow (mine where 1 cm wide each for the coaster and 5 mm wide each for pencil topper), glue gun or super glue and I used gold glitter nail polish to make my stars shiny 🙂 But it’s optional.

DIY Cute Unicorn pencil holders are the next. A glass, acrylic paint, a piece of kitchen sponge (I highly recommend), glitter paper (or paper plus glue plus glitter), googly eyes (or just paint them), black permanent marker and 4 pompoms (or you can use 4 beads instead).

DIY Rainbow Mousepad – super easy and super cute. You will need one cheap mousepad, a plate and acrylic paints to draw a rainbow and clouds. For sparkles on the rainbow I used white permanent marker. Works great, looks amazing!

And the final project is a Holographic Unicorn Wall Clock. Or, actually, you can place it on the desk, as I did 🙂 You will need super cheap clock (no matter what color), acrylic paint and a piece of kitchen sponge, holographic paper (I used a piece of holographic gift bag, which I used for the one of my previous videos :)), glue stick or any glue. To mark hours I used self-adhesive rhinestones, but it is not necessary at all. This clock looks incredibly minimalistic, futuristic and unicornic LOL Love it. Do you?

Love. Create. Discover.


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