5 DIY Spring Room Decor Ideas – Easy DIY Room Decorations For Spring

Spring has come! So let’s renovate our rooms with my easy DIY Spring Room Decor Ideas. From my video tutorial you’ll find out how to make nest box pencil holders, paper butterflies, tulips out of silk ribbons (no sew), a lampshade from muffin liners and three ways of spring branches designs.

Spring Romm Decor Ideas IdunnGoddess 2

I start with DIY Nestbox Pencil Holder Out of a cereal box. You will need an empty box (I used one from rice), scissors, printer paper (or any other paper), glue stick, a piece of drinking straw and some decorative tape.
Use boxes of different sizes to make your desk look like a park full of birdhouses for different kinds of birds.

The second DIY is an easy Paper Butterfly. All you need is a pieace of paper (you’ll need to draw and cut two circles (one of it must be smaller than another one) and a thread to tie it. You can decorate your home plants with these DIY butterflies, glue them to picture frames, mirrors etc.

My third DIY project is Silk Tulips Bouquet. You will need a silk ribbon (width 4 cm), scissors, a candle, a glue gun and a green drinking straw. It is so easy to do – I’m sure you’ll like it.

The fourth DIY is three variations of using fallen and dry birch branches. I show how to decorate a candle jar (glass bubble bowl vase) and a candle with them and how to make an early spring leafed branches (with a green paper and dry branches). Please! My friends! Gather branches from the ground – don’t harm trees just for another room decor.

The last DIY is a Dandelion Lampshade made of paper muffin liners. So you’ll need parchment paper cupcakes liners (34) and a glue gun. Probably you will find another way to secure liners together, but I found a glue gun was perfect.


Good luck! 🙂

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