5 DIY Room Decor and Desk Organization Ideas – Art Deco Style

Five easy tutorials of DIY room and desk decorations in Art Deco style. In this video I show how to make DIY Showcase, DIY Lampshade, DIY Marble Bookends and pencil holders, DIY glass shelves and books decorating.

Room Decor Ideas Art Deco Style IdunnGoddess

1st DIY Glass Shelves
I start with this easy DIY project because I find it really useful and gorgeous. You will need 2 glass cutting boards (I had with a picture at the bottom, so I show how to remove it), 2 carboard tubes of foil or baking paper (mine were 30 cm long and about 3-4 cm in diameter and glue (I use a glue gun and it works really great).

2nd DIY Silver Marble Pencil Holders
I really love to make things painted with nail polishes, but this time I show how to make water marbling INSIDE the glass. It is really cool! Sure you’ll like it!

3rd DIY Jewelry Showcase
Absolutely amazing desk showcase made of photo frames. You can store jewelry, glasses, perfumes in it, whatever. It looks really fantastic. I used 4 frames 15×20 cm each and 2 frames 20×20 cm. Use a strong adhesive to secure frames together!

4th DIY Marble Bookends and Black Lace Book Decorating
I love this project! It looks like an expensive stone decorations with absolutely beautiful books. You’ll need your favourite books, white paper (I used wallpaper scraps), black lace ribbons and silver ribbons (or just washi tapes), paper doilies – that was for book decorating; marble vynil wrap, 2 identical cardboard boxes (I used boxes from mugs), white decorative stones and artificial plant.

5th DIY Fabric Lampshade
There is hard to find which DIY from these 5 I like more! But this one is totally amazing. You’ll need 50 popsicle sticks (wooden craft sticks), a piece of black & white fabric (I used old pillowcase), silver spray paint and a glue gun. Make as many cubes as you’d like. But I think three is perfect for this project 🙂 Oh! And don’t forget about LED lamp! It doesn’t warm up and saves the world’s climate.


Good luck! 🙂

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