5 DIY Projects With Clothes Hangers – New Ideas For Using Hangers In Awesome And Useful Ways

n this video I show how to turn your old hangers into: DIY Bed Tray, DIY Stationery Organizer, DIY Desk Shelf, DIY Sunglasses Holder and DIY Magazine holder.

Everything is super cheap, easy, cute and functional!

5 DIY Projects With Coat Hangers

I start with a DIY Bed Tray. You will need 4 identical plastic clothes hangers, 1 plastic tray, zip ties and super glue. Very simple, but very useful. Who doesn’t like to eat in a bed? Lol I do 🙂

Next project is a Stationery Organizer. You will need 2 plastic (or, actually, it could be a wooden) hangers and plastic storage baskets. I used 4 of them, but you can use more or less depending on the hangers’ length. The main is to use one size (length) containers. They could be of different width, but with the same length. To secure them I used a hot glue gun, but super glue will work as well.

Third DIY – Desk Shelf or 3-tier Desktop Organizer. For this project you will need 10 hangers (made of hard plastic) and a glue gun. 5 minutes – and you’ll have a great shelving for paper, notebooks, stationery etc. Or you can use it as a shoe organizer 😉

DIY Sunglasses Holder is the next project. Two hangers and 10 binder clips. That’s all! Awesome, isn’t it? 🙂

And the final idea is an absolutely adorable organizer/holder for magazines. But you can also store clean towels (rolled) or winter hats and mittens in it 🙂 You will need 4 wooden hangers, 4 screws, 4 wooden rulers (mine were 40 cm long), sandpaper (to remove numbers from rulers – OR you can just paint them!), super glue and any old fabric (old curtain, tablecloth, bed sheet etc). I cut 2 pieces of fabric 35 cm for 80 cm each and glued them together with a hot glue (of course – you can sew them instead). First I wanted to remove metal hooks form hangers, but when I failed LOL I’ve decided to use them as hangers for glasses or keys. So it’s up to you – leave them or not.

Love. Create. Discover.


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