5 DIY Boho Room Decor Ideas – How To Make Your Room Bohemian and Hippie

In this video I show how to make a Boho-chic floor lamp, a lantern, a wallet and a pencil case, a storage box and a folk wall art. Every project is super easy, cheap and fun to make.

Bohemian Room Decor Ideas IdunnGoddess

With these projects you can make a total room makeover. Just hang a shawl on the wall, put rugs and pillows on the floor and feel the style of free art!

I start with a DIY Bohemian Lantern.

You will need 4 photo frames (10×15 cm), permanent markers (red, green and blue), super glue (or E-600) and white parchment paper (baking paper). Just 10 minutes and you’ll have an absolutely amazing Bohemian lantern for candles.

The next project – DIY Boho Floor Lamp.

I show how to make a floor lamp from base to lampshade. Everything is made of regular materials which are easy to find (maybe even at home). For this Boho-chic floor lamp I used: a broom, 4 wooden hangers, 2 wooden rulers, old curtain and 2 embroidery hoops. Super easy, super fast and looks just stunning.

The third Boho Hippie DIY is a pencil case or wallet (depends on what you need more) 🙂

You will need a canvas (20×20 cm), acrylic paint, some glue (hot glue or super glue) and 3 small pieces of velcro. Paint the canvas just as you like. I made it abstract with hippie style drawings.

Next project – DIY Wall Art.

It looks like a dream catcher, because I wanted to make it folk, but with gold (which makes it boho) and with artificial paper feathers (which make it cruelty-free hippie). You know that decorative natural feathers are taken not from the ground… So let’s respect every creature on Earth and make beautiful paper feathers without harming any bird.

For this project you will need the wooden frame from previous project (the wooden frame for canvas), jute twine, thumb tacks (gold), paper and some glue.

And the fifth DIY is a Bohemian style Storage Box.

For this useful thing you will need a fruit box (there are many of them thrown away at the farmers’ markets. Or you can ask for an old useless fruit box at the super market and take it for free), some fabric (I used an old curtain, which I’ve already up-cycled for a floor lamp), thumb tacks (gold) and acrylic paint.

Make Art not war!

Love. Create. Discover.


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