How To Make an Oreo Pillow – DIY Oreo Pillow (tutorial)

Easy tutorial of how to make a giant Oreo – cozy pillow. I made this Oreo Pillow out of an old T-shirt and an useless polyester home poncho. But you can use any kind of fabric.

Oreo Pillow

I start with making a pattern made of paper. I use a pan cap to draw a circle – actually that’s all lol. The diameter of it is 31 cm (12 inches). Then I cut 4 circles using this pattern from brown fabric (in my case it was a stupid brown poncho). Follow my video instructions to see what I do next.

For the “cream” I used a white T-shirt. I cut off 2.5 cm from the paper pattern from the previous step, so it became 26 cm in diameter (10 inches). Cut 2 white circles and sew them together.

Next is to attach 3 pillows in one adorable Oreo cookie. I used a glue gun, but if you sew well then sew them together.

The last step is not necessary – I used a brown felt to cut off the Oreo’s ornaments. And then glued them to the pillows top. Actually it was good even without felt letters, so it’s up to you!


Good luck! 🙂

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