How To Make A Koala Hug Pillow Out Of An Old Sweatshirt – DIY Cute Koala Warming Pillow

From this video tutorial you’ll find out how to make a multifunctional hug pillow yourself. And the most hugging animal is koala bear – so take your old grey sweatshirt and let’s hug! 🙂

Koala Hug Pillow Out Of A Sweatshirt

Except of a sweatshirt you will need a pillow stuffing and a piece of black and white fabric of any kind (I used felt).

This hug pillow has a warmer-pocket – just take a bag with rice, heat it up in a microwave for 10-15 sec on medium and put it into the pocket. It will warm your back or stomach if they hurt. So it is also a DIY warming pillow! Yay! 🙂

Koala Hug Pillow Out Of A Sweatshirt 2

This pillow can be made with a glue (hot glue or fabric glue) or you can just sew it.

Before cutting the sweatshirt make sure the sleeves are long enough to “hug” you.

Koala Hug Pillow Out Of A Sweatshirt 3

This amazing DIY Koala is perfect for traveling (just take it to the car, close your eyes with it’s “paws” and sleep in cozy silence and dark), just for everyday use (warm your back, chest, neck – whatever) and it looks great as a room decoration.


Warm hugs! Idunn

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