DIY Unicorn Pillow – How To Make A Unicorn Pillow Out Of Old Clothes (NO SEW tutorial)

Easy no-sew tutorial of cute unicorn pillow made of old sweatshirt (T-shirts work too) and yarn.

You can make this absolutely adorable baby unicorn as a pillowcase – just leave a hole for a pillow and sew or glue a zipper or velcro.

Unicorn Pillow IdunnGoddess

For my cute unicorn I used:
Bright pink fleece half-zip (but regular cotton T-shirts will be fine too)
White fleece jacket (or any piece of cloth)
Pink wavy yarn (you can use any kind of yarn and of any color – try to make it rainbow, if you like)
Felt (white, blue, black) for eyes (substitutes: buttons or wiggly eyes)
Sequins (not necessary, but you can make a horn with silver or gold cloth)

Hope you’ll enjoy the process following my video instructions.

Anyway, this homemade Unicorn Pillow will be a great room decoration for any sweet girl worldwide.


Good luck! 🙂

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