How To Make R2-D2 Phone Case and Pencil Case – DIY R2-D2 from Star Wars

In this easy video tutorial I show how to make one of my favorite science fiction heroes – the cutest droid ever – Artoo-Detoo! You can use it as a phone case, pencil case or make-up bag… Up to you!

DIY R2-D2 Phone Case and Pencil Case IdunnGoddess

This is no-sew tutorial which makes DIY R2 even more easy to make 🙂

If it is a problem to get a felt, you can make it out of an old jeans or any other thick cloth.

The size of Artoo case depends on your phone.

I used a piece of valcro as a fastener, but it could be crafting magnets, button, clutch… whatever.


May the Force be with you!

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