5 DIY Winter Phone Cases – How To Make Cute Phone Cases For Winter

In this video I show five easy ways to decorate your phone covers for winter. Adorable DIY Fluffy Phone Case, Christmas Gift and Christmas Ornaments Cases, Glittery Winter Night Drawing and fuzzy pom pom tree, or pom-pine tree 🙂

DIY Winter Phone Cases

I start with absolutely the cutest DIY phone case of all time – the Fluffy one. White yarn, plastic ruler (3 cm wide) and a hot glue gun – that is all you’ll need 🙂

The next one is a super easy DIY Christmas Gift phone case. It looks amazing and after holidays you’ll be able to remove all decorations without damaging the case. Which is awesome! 😉

The third – DIY Christmas Ornaments phone cover. One of my favorites! You’ll need a table tennis ball, red, green and gold nail polish (you can use acrylic paint instead), white permanent marker and a piece of Xmas tinsel.

Moving to the next one – DIY Pompom Tree phone case. Probably the easiest one. You will need small pom poms for craft (you can find them in any craft store) and a glue gun. Or use a super glue – up to you.

And the last one is a Winter Night Phone Case. I love to paint on colored paper. And in this video I show how to draw the pine tree (or fir tree) covered with snow at night. And SURE – with shiny sparkling snow. So you’ll need some glitter. Or use glitter nail polish or glitter glue. Just one tip – the brightest parts of the tree must be from the side where the moon shines, and the darkest – from the opposite.

Love. Create. Discover. X

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