3 DIY Phone Case Designs – How To Make Custom Phone Covers Tutorial

My new easy video tutorial about how to decorate your phone cases in original creative way. All you need is your phone, crystal cover and 2 minutes of time.

DIY Phone Cases Tutorial

I made all three designs for my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, but they are perfect for any smartphone – tested on my friends and my boyfriend! 🙂

For the first phone case design idea, which I call Fish Scale, you will need a paper, double sided scotch tape, scissors and sequins (I bought mine for 0.45 $ for 800 pieces)! But for one phone cover you will need much less. Follow my video instructions and make your own DIY Fish Scale Phone Case!

For the second DIY phone cover – 100% Natural – you will need a leaf (I took walnut leaf in the park), 2 sheets of paper and an iron. Iron the leaf (or leaves) between two paper sheets as it shown in my video till the leaf will totally dry. Watch the next and the last step of DIY 100% Natural Phone Case in my tutorial.

The last design is called “Transparent”. This do-it-yourself phone cover imitates transparent phone. My boyfriend came up with (invented) awesome design. I really love this idea because it is easy to make and when you talk by phone it looks really great! This phone case design will definitely suit boys with beard. LOL

Wish you good luck and to be creative!

Have fun!

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