DIY Sakura Branch With Five-Petal Paper Flowers – How To Make Kirigami Flowers For Japanese Cherry

diy sakura kirigami 11

This is my video tutorial of making five-petal paper flowers for at-home sakura using kirigami technique. First let’s find out what is kirigami. Kirigami is a way of cutting different shapes of folded paper. So it is like origami but using scissors after folding a paper.

diy sakura kirigami 2

As far as it is a japanese art, I decided to make a sakura tree branch (Cherry Blossom, Oriental cherry, Japanese cherry tree) for home decor. For my DIY Kirigami Sakura you will need pink and white square paper (doesn’t matter of what size), scissors, school glue (or white glue, or PVA glue) and a dry branch. I found the last one in the park while walking my dog. Even don’t know from what tree exactly… Probably from maple tree.

diy sakura kirigami 7

Follow my video instructions and create amazing Japanese Cherry Blossom branch! Put this beautiful DIY home decoration in a vase and enjoy of it’s look!

Good luck!

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