How To Make A Miniature Bedroom In A Cup – DIY Mini Bedroom In A Cup Desk Decoration (tutorial)

In this video I show how to make a miniature bed, nightstand and a table lamp (that can be placed in a cup) and miniature backyard with a fence in the saucer. This is a great decoration for your desk or nightstand.

DIY Miniature Bedroom In A Cup

To make this cute mini bedroom in a cup you will need a cup and a saucer (my cup diameter was 10 cm, height 8 cm, and a saucer: diameter 14.5 cm, height 2 cm). Also you will need a bunch of toothpicks, a piece of fabric (not larger than a handkerchief), a small piece of cardboard, cupcake liner, hot glue (or super glue), glue stick, green felt (for grass), wooden stir sticks (for fence) and acrylic paint.

I start with a DIY mini bed. To make it you will need:

  • a piece of cardboard 5.5×3.5 cm

  • a piece of fabric (for a bed sheet – 8×6 cm, for blanket – 7×6 cm and 6 cm of lace, for pillow – 7×5 cm)

  • toothpicks (for headboard: 2 pieces 3 cm each, 3 pieces 2 cm each plus two toothpicks as shown in the video; for footboard: 2 pieces 2 cm each, 3 pieces 1 cm each and two toothpicks as shown in the video)

  • a piece of sponge for pillow stuffing (size: 2.5 x 1.5 x 1 cm)

  • hot glue (or any kind of glue that you have at home – just note: white glue will take a while to dry… )

And also in this part of the video I glue a window to the bottom of the cup with a glue stick. You can draw it or print from my site (I made this image so it’s free and legal to use for everybody 🙂

window for DIY miniature bedroom in a cup IdunnGoddess

Next – DIY miniature nightstand. You will need:

  • a piece of cardboard (2×2 cm)

  • pieces of toothpicks (2 pieces 2 cm each, 2 pieces 1.5 cm each)

  • white acrylic paint or any kind of paint

  • cupcake liner (for tablecloth)

Moving on 🙂 DIY miniature table lamp. You’ll need:

  • a piece of toothpick 2 cm

  • a cupcake liner (you will need it’s edges, so you can use the part from a previous liner for a nightstand)

  • hot glue (SUBSTITUTE: a round piece of cardboard or air dry clay)

  • white acrylic paint or any kind of paint

We’re done with a bedroom in a cup and moving to the backyard in a saucer. Lol

For the grass you will need a piece of felt (synthetic acrylic felt – because we respect animals rights and don’t use natural felt for DIYs, right?), artificial flowers and greenery.

For the miniature fence you’ll need 12 pieces of wooden stir sticks (4.5 cm each), white paint, a strip of card stock paper and some glue.

I decorate my mini cup world with a miniature bird (which I bought in a craft store) – so it is not necessary! 🙂

Love. Create. Discover.


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