Rainbow Loom Tiny Hearts Bracelet Tutorial – How To Make An Inverted Fishtail Loom Band Bracelet

rainbow loom inverted fishtail 4

This Rainbow Loom Bracelet is incredibly beautiful and amazingly simple 🙂

rainbow loom inverted fishtail 2

Some people call it Inverted Fishtail Bracelet, but I don’t like this name because it sounds boring. So I call this bracelet “Tiny Hearts” because I see small hearts all over this bracelet. If you don’t – then watch my video where I show those hearts 🙂

rainbow loom inverted fishtail 1

This loom band bracelet made on two pegs. You can use a solid color rubber bands, two colors… But I suggest to use 3 colors for it.

rainbow loom inverted fishtail 3

My wrist is about 17 cm, so I take 42 rubber bands (14+14+14). Clip the bracelet with s- or c-clip.

Good luck!

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