Rainbow Loom Poppy Flower Charm – DIY Poppy Flower

Amazing poppy could be made with Rainbow Loom bands! It is easy to make and it looks absolutely fantastic! For Rainbow Loom Poppy you will need 62 rubber bands: 1 yellow (or any other color) for center, 15 black bands (for pistil) and 46 red for petals. This charm is weaved without loom – just with the hook tool.

diy rainbow loom poppy flower hook only tutorial

You can decorate your hair hoop with this Rainbow Loom Poppy flower, your bracelet or attach a pin and wear it as a brooch. Follow my easy step by step video tutorial and you will learn how to weave a poppy flower with Rainbow Loom bands!

Good luck!

2 thoughts on “Rainbow Loom Poppy Flower Charm – DIY Poppy Flower

  1. I love the bands that you use. Would you please tell me what kind they are? I’ve never seen shiny bands like that before. Thank you!

    1. Thank you! I’m sorry, but it was so long time ago, that I can’t remember at all 🙁 But I remeber some ppl commented there were not original bands O_o :)))

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