DIY Jewelry Out Of Hot Glue, Sprinkles And Acrylic Paint – DAY 4 of 7-Day Marathon Of Glue Gun DIYs

DAY 4! Half the distance behind! šŸ™‚ But the finish line is still so far! Which makes me happy! Today you’ll find out how to make pendants and earrings out of hot glue, sprinkles and acrylic paint. Easy, beautiful and waterproof LOL what else I can say. šŸ™‚ Warm hugs. And see you next day!

DIY Glue Gun Jewelry Made With Sprinkles and Acrylic Paint - Marathon of Glue Gun DIYs - DAY 4

In this video I show how to make pendants and earrings with hot glue gun, sprinkles and acrylic paint. This is the fourth of seven videos from my DIY Marathon (July 9 ā€“ July 15). New video every day ā€“ so don’t miss the next ones. šŸ™‚

What is seriously awesome in this project ā€“ you can make the jewellery like that of any shape!

For the first option of my DIY Glue Gun Necklace and Earrings you will need a hot glue gun, sprinkles (or beads could be an option), baking paper and iron. To make a hole ā€“ heat some kind of metal thin thing LOL with the candle. I used an awl.

For the second option of DIY jewelry I took acrylic paint. Caution! After the second layer of hot glue ā€“ don’t push too hard on the iron. Just gently and slightly. Acrylic paint will crack inside getting an amazing natural pattern.

Good luck! And watch my next DIY project with glue gun!

Love. Create. Discover.


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