DIY Bracelets Out Of Hot Glue And Washi Tape – DAY 2 of 7-Day Marathon Of Glue Gun DIYs

The 2nd episode of my “DIY Marathon” YouTube Series 🙂 – DIY Bracelets Out Of Hot Glue And Washi Tape. Easy, beautiful and waterproof! 🙂 Warm hugs! Oh, and yes – check my new video (DAY 3) next day!

DIY Washi Bracelets Made With A Hot Glue Gun - Marathon of Glue Gun DIYs - DAY 2

In this video I show how to make bracelets using hot melt glue sticks for glue gun, washi tape and iron. This is the second of seven videos from my DIY Marathon (July 9 – July 15). New video every day – so don’t miss the next ones. 🙂

For this DIY Washi Hot Glue Bracelet you will need:

  • your favourite washi tape

  • hot melt glue stick (7 mm diameter)

  • baking paper

  • iron (turn it on high)

  • a piece of velcro

Probably I should explain the part of the video where I hold the iron above the bracelet. It is needed to make the surface glossy. The glue melts and becomes glossy when it’s cool.


– Make sure the baking paper you use doesn’t stick to the hot glue after it (glue) cool.

– Also make sure your washi tape is a real washi 🙂 I mean it is made of paper.

– When ironing – try to smash the air bubbles in melted glue between two sheets of baking paper.

– Instead of using a hot glue gun for covering the tape – you can use excesses from flattened glue stick. And also you can sew the velcro to the bracelet.

These bracelets are waterproof, flexible and glossy. But the main – they are AWESOME! 🙂

Good luck! And watch my next DIY project with glue gun!

Love. Create. Discover.


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