DIY 3 Bracelets out of Recycled Plastic Bottles

If you are looking for how to make a bracelet from a recycled plastic bottle, you will like this video tutorial. DIY_bracelet_out_of_a_recycled_plastic_bottle_coloredtips It is very easy to do and leave a lot of space for your fantasy. In this video I will show three options to decorate bracelets out of a plastic bottle – with pieces of old jeans, silk ribbons and wide silver chiffon ribbon. But you can make your own custom bracelet using a piece of t-shirt, strips of cloth, threads, beads and anything you’d like. For DIY bracelet from recycled plastic bottles you will need a plastic bottle, scissors, scotch tape and double-sided tape. So, save our planet – give a second life to plastic bottles.

  Be creative and good luck!

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