5 Winter DIY Projects – Cute DIYs for Winter

The 2nd episode of Winter With Idunn series. In this video I show how to make cute things for Winter. Easy DIY ideas: DIY Snowfall Hairbrush, DIY Snowballs Jewelry, DIY Fluffy Snowdrift Slippers, DIY “Knitted” Phone Case and DIY Mittens Sleep Mask 🙂
5 DIY Winter Projects

The first DIY project is a Snowfall hairbrush. I painted wooden hairbrush with light blue acrylic paint, but you can use blue plastic hairbrush. If you will use a plastic one – draw “snowflakes” (white dots) with white nail polish (don’t use acrylic paint on plastic). To make snowflakes shimmer I used silver holographic glitter nail polish. And added just few rhinestones 🙂 You can use flat sequins instead. Easy and beautiful 🙂

The next DIY is a Pompom “Snowballs” earrings. Ring and bracelet. Super easy idea, but soooo cute! Love it. Just few tips:
if you don’t have a ring base, just use some old ring you don’t wear;
if you don’t have a glue gun – just tie the pompom to the ring or bracelet;
don’t use too many glitter nail polish, because pompoms will get harden.

5 DIY Winter Projects 1

The third – DIY Slippers which I call Snowdrift slippers LOL 🙂 But they are fluffy and warm 😉 You will need a pair of slippers, white yarn and a glue gun. I used 100% acrylic yarn, so my slippers are totally cruelty free 🙂 No sheep was harmed! Yay!

The fourth DIY idea is an optical illusion “knitted” phone case 🙂 With a tassel! 🙂 Just take a photo of any knitted clothing, print it and you’re done. If you don’t have a printer – you can find pictures of knitted sweaters or any other clothes in magazines. 😉

And the last DIY project is super useful sleep mask shaped like mittens. All you need is felt and elastic ribbon. You can make it with one color, decorate as you want, glue craft pompoms, bows etc. 🙂

Have fun! And see you on the episode #3 !

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