3 DIY Shoelace Bracelets – How To Make A Bracelet Out Of A Shoelace (tutorial)

Easy video tutorial of how to make shoelace bracelets – three easy ways designed by me – IdunnGoddess. You will need shoelaces and 5 minutes of your time.

DIY shoelace bracelets 1

For the first DIY Bracelet (which looks like a paracord bracelet – so you can make it as a gift for your boyfriend) you’ll need 2 shoelaces (first one can be short (25 cm), but the second one about must be 110 cm long (or more)). You can use any kind of rope, cord or twine instead of shoelaces.

For the second bracelet you will need a short piece of a flat shoelace, long round shoelace (110 cm or more), a pencil and a flat shoelace (about 80 cm long). I find this kind of bracelet abslutely adorable and unique. Hope you’ll like it too.

DIY shoelace bracelets 2

And for the third DIY bracelet out of shoelaces you’ll need: two shoelaces (110 cm and 70cm long – better of different colours), a needle and a thread. Don’t worry – it is not actual sewing, just imitating snake’s movements over the needle 🙂 I really proud of this bracelet, cause it is not just invented by me, if I can say so, but it looks soooo coooool! 🙂


Have fun and don’t stop diying 🙂

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