DIY Mini Christmas Decorations – Tiny Holiday Decor Ideas

Super easy and super cute DIY tutorial of mini Christmas decorations for your dolls or desk (DIY Christmas Tree, DIY Mini Fireplace, DIY Stockings, gift boxes and candy canes)! As always in my videos you will NOT need any special materials and much time!

DIY Mini Christmas Decorations 2

So there are 5 DIYs to do. The first is Mini Fireplace. You will need a 450g Tide cardboard box (it’s size is international), red paper (or red paint) and your smartphone. As you understand sizes of fireplace’s “window” depend on your phone’s sizes.

#2 – DIY Mini Christmas Stockings. What I like about them – they are fluffy 🙂 So all you’ll need is cotton pads, watercolor (green and red) and hot glue (school glue will be ok too).

#3 – DIY Mini Candy Cane. Super easy DIY with only paper clips and red nail polish. I had colorful paperclips, so did not have to paint them with red stripes. But I also shown how to paint white paper clips with nail polish.

#4 – DIY Mini Christmas Tree. Absolutely cute fluffy tree made of yarn. Btw, my yarn had only 20% wool, so that is why it looks more prickly rather than bushy. If you don’t have a drinking straw – use a pencil.

#5 – DIY Mini Gift Boxes. Just paper! And some glitter gel pens (for decorations)… And ribbon (4mm) to tie a bow. But last two things are not necessary. You can make these boxes of any size (make them for big gifts as well), just remember, that one square must be 5mm bigger than another one.
In this part of the video I show mini soda cans – how to make them watch in my video: DIY Mini Soda Cans Beads – How To Make Tiny Cola, Fanta and Sprite Cans


Good luck and let me know about your results 🙂

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